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Specialized Bending

A-1 Roll has the extensive experience in bending steel for all construction projects. From reverse curve bending to multi-radius bending, it is through the use of a variety of techniques combined with our expertise that A1-Roll can craft the specific bend type your project requires. A1-Roll’s 60 years of dedicated workmanship and knowledge gives us superior capabilities to perfect your specified dimensional needs, for whatever your unique project.

We are capable of:
Compound Bending

A-1 Roll has years of experience in compound bending. Our expert team understands how to apply compound bends to metal shapes, and our advanced machinery allows us to create the shape that you need within strict specifications.

A-1 Roll has the experience to understand and account for the problems associated with compound bending. Our team is made up of industry experts who understand the details of helical bending.

At times, your project is going to need bending services that can accommodate structural steel that is curved in an extremely tight radius. Minimum radius bending is your answer.

When bending parts in multiple radii, special attention needs to be paid to the process of creating the bends. Multi-radius bending allows for a single part to be produced with all of the necessary bends.

Reverse Curve Bending

Using reverse curve bending, structures can be created which look both aesthetically pleasing, and are also functional. Reverse curve bending is also known as an S-Curve and in this type of bending, the radius center changes from one side of the part to the other.

Because of the difficulty involved in multi-axis bending, specialized tools are needed to correctly bend metal to specification. At A1-Roll we are capable of working with any material you need, whether it’s brass, steel, aluminum or any other alloy, we can work with the smallest or largest pieces required by your project.