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Helical Bending

The best way to visualize helical bending is to imagine the heating coil on the top of a stove.  Although almost every structural material can be bent into a helix, as with anything, some materials and shapes can be bent more easily than others.  Additionally, companies have been finding that pipes and tubing are highly functional in applications requiring helical curves.  

Rolling pipe into a helix presents a problem due to the fact that if you roll a pipe into a helix that matches a plan view of a project, you can end up with a piece of material that does not meet required tolerances.  It’s vitally important that bending services include the pitch of the helix in the calculations made before bending, or the final result will not match what was expected for the project. 

A-1 Roll has the experience to understand and account for the problems associated with compound bending.  Our team is made up of industry experts who understand the details of helical bending.  They use advanced tooling to turn out a finished product that meets the specifications of projects in any industry, ensuring that you are satisfied with the finished product.

The application of helical bending in both residential and commercial construction projects adds a visual appeal and enhanced experience to the architecture.  In more practical use, helical bending can be used to create stairs that wrap around storage tanks, they can also be used as stiffeners and wind deflectors on stacks exposed to the elements. 

Regardless of whether you need it for practical or aesthetic purposes,  A-1 Roll can provide you with the helical bending services that your project needs.  We can bend a wide range of metal (steel, copper, brass, aluminum, etc.) to any radius you require, no matter how large or small.  Our added services, such as punching, cutting, welding and grinding will ensure that you get the finished components you need.

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