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Angle Bending

Our angle bending services provide you, the customer, with quality bent angle products for your ongoing project.  Angle bending can be used to create fan housings, flanges, steering mechanisms for farm equipment and other structural applications.  There are many other possible uses for angle bending, and A-1 Roll is capable of bending angle beams to meet your specifications.  A-1 Roll can also bend angles in other orientations such as long or short leg in or out, heel in or out or other configurations. 

 Our expert team will ensure that the more difficult angle bends are free from deformation and meet the specifications of any job.  We are even capable of providing angle rings which have off-axis bends, multiple radii, helical or compound bends.  These diverse capabilities allow A-1 Roll to give you a finished product that fits any one of an endless range of projects while meeting all of your expectations. 

A-1 Roll’s experience and 25,000 square foot facility mean that we have the advanced tooling and knowledge necessary to create an angle bend product of high quality, delivered in an excellent turnaround time.  We can accommodate the pieces you need, regardless of how large or small, and we are capable of working with any material, from steel to copper, brass aluminum, or any other alloy that is necessary.  We also offer added services such as:

  • Welding
  • Punching
  • Beveling
  • Cutting

Contact A-1 Roll today at 586.783.6677 and let us help you get the parts that you need to complete your project.  We’re sure that you’ll be happy with our expert service and quality parts.