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Structural Bending

Curved steel in a structural capacity is often thought of as being decorative, but it can also serve structural purposes. Just because a piece of structural steel needs to look good, doesn’t mean that it can compromise on strength. You need a structural bending supplier capable providing maximum strength while still giving you the look you need. A-1 Roll has extensive experience in bending steel for construction projects. We have an impressive collection of heavy equipment for bending and can work with heavy sections of structural steel bending them in multiple ways.

We are capable of:
Angle Bending

Our angle bending services provide you, the customer, with quality bent angle products for your ongoing project.

Bar Bending

A variety of bar shapes can be bent to your need, such as round, square, flat, hexagonal and even half-round bars.

Beam Bending

A1-Roll has equipment that will provide you with the beam quality and beam bending services needed for whatever application you require, regardless of the industry.

Channel Bending

A-1 Roll provides channel bending services which can create channels with flanges out, or flanges in. We are also capable of bending the hard way, against the strong axis, or the easy way, against the weak axis.

Pipe Bending

While bending pipe has been around for a long time, it is often difficult to get it right. At A-1 Roll, we have years of experience in handling the difficulties of bending and will factor in the variables to make sure that our finished product fits your needs.

Section Bending

At A1-Roll we can provide bending of standard angles, bars, beams, channels and tees and our expert team is able to bend aluminum extrusions—even if it is a complex shape.

Tube Bending

Tube bending is a metal forming process that is used to shape pipes or tubing. At A-1 Roll, we can supply you with the tube bending services that you need for many different applications.

Tee Bending

A-1 Roll offers tee bending services which allow for a tee to be bent stem up, in or out in order to meet your exact needs. Our experts have the advanced tooling and know-how to straighten tees, or bend them into any shape that you require for your project.