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Minimum Radius Bending

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At times, your project is going to need bending services that can accommodate structural steel that is curved in an extremely tight radius.  Minimum radius bending can be performed with many different forms of metal, including structural steel, plate, bar, pipe, or tube and can be used on any variety of metal alloys.  Naturally, the products will have to meet extremely specific requirements for your project, and each project can have its own set of special difficulties.  

Distortion of a rolled product can occur during the bending process, leaving customers with products that can’t be used because it doesn’t meet project specifications.  Because of the tight radius, metal can experience added stress in the bends. Cracks can then form on the outside of the bend, making the part easier to break.  Additionally, the size of the piece being bent can cause problems for inexperienced benders.  Pieces that are particularly large or small can be difficult to bend correctly, and the variety of available metal alloys also adds to the complexity of bending to a tight radius.

With approximately 1,000 customers across the world, A-1 Roll has the experience you need in order to get the bent products you need for projects in many different industries.  Regardless of material and necessary radius, our expert team has the skill to anticipate and prevent any problems in the bending process.  Our 25,000 square foot facility has rolling and press machines to ensure that we can provide the services that you need for any project regardless of the size of the piece or the tightness of the radius.

To go along with our bending capabilities, we also offer added services to ensure that you receive the highest quality service:

  • Beveling
  • Welding
  • Hole Punching
  • Cutting
  • Grinding

A-1 Roll has the expertise and equipment that you need for your minimum radius bending requirements.  Our team will make sure that you receive a quality product that meets or exceeds specifications. 

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