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Tee Bending

Metal tees are not something that is normally produced by steel mills.  Almost all metal tees are produced by splitting I-beams through the use of rotary shears or torches.  The cutting can be done down the middle of the I-beam to create to equal sized tees, or performed off-center to give a pair of tees of unequal depth. 

Because steel I-beams release stress when cut into tees, they will spring apart, giving them a stem-out radius and making it more difficult and time-consuming to straighten or bend into a stem-in form. 

A-1 Roll offers tee bending services which allow for a tee to be bent stem up, in or out in order to meet your exact needs.  Our experts have the advanced tooling and know-how to straighten tees, or bend them into any shape that you require for your project.  Our team also knows how to expertly prevent ripples during the bending process ensuring that your tees are of the highest quality and meet all of your exacting specifications. 

Our 25,000 square foot facility allows us to maintain the equipment needed to work with a wide range of steel sizes.  A-1 Roll can bend tees of any size, from the smallest to largest pieces, as well as many different materials to ensure that you get the service that you need for your project.  

Steel tees are often used as stiffeners for curved plates, but are also used as parts for agricultural and construction equipment.  When used on the inside of a curved plate, they are rolled stem-out and rolled stem-in when used on the outside of a curved plate.  Tees are frequently used for roof trusses, canopies and lintels.  They have also been used as parts for agricultural and construction equipment, and other components of various types of machinery. 

Tee Bending

Contact A-1 Roll today at 586.783.6677 and see how we can help you with your tee bending requirements, as well as our value-added services, such as cutting, punching, welding beveling and more.  Whatever your requirements, A-1 Roll can help.