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Beam Bending

If you are in need of beam bending services, A-1 Roll can provide you with the components you need.  Beam bending is used by manufacturers in a number of different roles.  It can be used in heavy equipment and truck frames and has also been used in monorails, as well as tank stiffeners.  Additionally, beam bending is used in the construction of roof supports used in stadiums, airports commercial buildings and a wide range of other structures.  

Our expert team has equipment that will provide you with the beam quality that is needed for whatever application you require, regardless of the industry.  Our advanced tooling and extensive knowledge ensure that our bent beam products will provide the greatest yield by minimizing the trim required for your specifications. 

Beams can be bent the hard way (along the thicker axis), or the easy way (along the thinner axis) and we can work with a wide range of materials such as copper, steel, aluminum, brass and more.  No job is too big or small to handle in A1- Roll’s 25,000 square foot facility.  Projects, both small and large, can be accommodated, along with the ability to bend tight radii. 

Along with our bending services, we offer additional services such as welding, cutting, punching, grinding and beveling.

A-1 Roll’s experience means that we can help to advise you on what types of beam bending can be done to meet your needs, as well as giving you a quick, accurate consultation and quote and short turnaround times.  

Beam Bending

Contact A-1 Roll at 586.783.6677 for your beam bending needs and let us show you how we can help you.