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Bar Bending

A-1 Roll provides bar bending services to give you the materials you need to complete a project.  Bar bending applications include diverse applications such as wastewater treatment, tractors, fan housings and much more.  A variety of bar shapes can be bent to your need, such as round, square, flat, hexagonal and even half-round bars.  

Bars are solid, which means that they can be easily bent into the shapes required by a project.  There are two ways to bend non-circular or non-square bars:

  • The Easy Way: This involves bending a bar along the wider axis of the bar. This means an easier bend, reducing the problem of rippling on the inside of the curve. Bars bent the easy way resemble a belt when completed.
  • The Hard Way: Bars bent in this manner are bent along the thicker axis. This also presents more difficulty during the bending process, as rippling and compression can occur on the inside of the bends. When bent the hard way, bars resemble a metal washer.

Fortunately, A-1 Roll has the knowledge and experience to bend your bars in the easy way or the hard way and still meet your project specifications. Our precise tooling, methods and machinery ensures that you receive a quality product that will not cause any problems during your project.

A-1 Roll has a 25,000 square foot facility which houses all of the equipment and skilled staff needed to provide bent bars which meet or exceed your expectations.  We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and roughly 1,000 satisfied customers, worldwide.  We have the history and know-how to provide parts that are within tight tolerances, and we can provide extra services such as:

  • Beveling
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Grinding

Bars can be bent into rings or ring segments to suit your needs and we’re capable of bending a range of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper and various other alloys, regardless of radius.  A-1 Roll’s experts have the tooling and experience needed to give you high-quality components that meet all of your industry or project standards. 

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