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Channel Bending

To provide you with the components you need for any project, A-1 Roll provides channel bending services which can create channels with flanges out, or flanges in.  We are also capable of bending the hard way, against the strong axis, or the easy way, against the weak axis.  Doing so lets us create the types of channels that are necessary for the widest possible range of applications.  We are also capable of bending standard or miscellaneous channels in a variety of lengths and sizes. 

Our team has over 30 years of skill and experience to create channels with no buckling or distortion, while maintaining a consistent radius which meets even the most demanding specifications.  A 25,000 square foot facility means that we are capable of a wide variety of bending techniques including:

  • Off-axis bending – Our attention to detail during this process guarantees that you’ll get a finished product that is both accurate and visually appealing
  • Helical bending – Resembling a rope that is coiled on the ground, we carefully check these products for pitch and plumb to ensure that it exactly fits your construction requirements.
  • Multi-plane bending – When complex shapes are needed, A-1 Roll can provide multi-plane bending to ensure that the structural component fits and performs as necessary.

We have the ability to work with a wide range of pieces, from small sizes up to very large pieces.  We are also capable of working with a variety of materials including copper, steel, aluminum and more.  This versatility ensures that we can meet the demands of your industry, regardless of what it is. 

In construction projects, channels are frequently used as trays to hold wiring.  They can also be used as roof supports, canopies and curved lintels, or as stiffeners and machinery components.  

Contact A-1 Roll at 586.783.6677 to find out how we can create the channel that is right for your project.  Don’t forget to ask about our value-added services such as cutting, punching, grinding, polishing and much more.  Our team is ready to help you with all your project needs.

Channel Bending